Who is the course for?

Have you experienced the pain of ineffective Digital and Agile transformations? 

Leading a transformation that you would like to succeed? 

We explore the common failures, what causes them, and the good news of how you can prevent these problems and be successful. 

You are the expert on your own company. You know it’s strengths and weakness. 

While there are common patterns, every company is different, and that difference is important.  We can help you see the opportunity in the challenge, by focusing attention and asking helpful questions.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    1 - Introduction

  • 02

    2 - Why Flight Levels?

    • The Problem

    • Exercise 2.1 - What do you think causes the problem?

  • 03

    3 - The Search for Causes

    • Exercise 3.1 - Connections

    • About Dependencies and Agile Interactions

    • Exercise 3.2 - Reflections

    • About the Workflow

    • Exercise 3.3 - Reflections

    • About the Strategic Portfolio

    • Exercise 3.4 - Reflections

    • About the Change Process

    • Exercise 3.5 - Reflections

    • Conclusions

  • 04

    4 - First Solutions

    • Dependancies and Agile Interactions

    • Exercise 4.1 - Managing your dependencies

    • End-to-end Workflow

    • Exercise 4.2 - Your Stakeholders

    • Agile Strategic Portfolio Management

    • Exercise 4.3 - Strategic Portfolio

    • Establish an Agile Change Progress

    • Exercise 4.4 - The Change Process

    • Conclusions: Why Flight Levels?

    • Reminder: Ask questions on our Discussion Platform

  • 05

    5 - How Flight Levels works

    • Flow Design

    • Exercise 5.1 - Five Activities

    • Exercise 5.2 - Flight Levels

    • System Architecture

    • Reflections - Systems Architecture

    • Exercise 5.3 - Systems Architecture

    • Leading Change

    • Exercise 5.4 - Leading Change

    • Conclusions: How Flight Levels Works

    • Reminder: Ask questions on our Discussion Platform

  • 06

    6 - How and where to get started

    • Next Steps - How to start?

    • References and Links

    • Exercise 6.1 - Organizational Next Steps

    • Exercise 6.2 - Personal Next Steps

  • 07

    7 - Checkin , Debrief and Open Questions

    • Continue your Journey on our Community Platform

    • Live Group Q&A - Pick a time with Instructors! (Optional)

    • Feedback on this Course

    • Get your Certificate of Completion


Instructor Bio:

Dr Klaus Leopold, computer scientist, Kanban pioneer and creator of the Flight Levels Model, has many years of experience as a top management consultant with about 1000 workshop participants per year. He advises companies worldwide on how to act agile on the market. Klaus is author of the bestseller Rethinking Agile, Practical Kanban and co-author of the standard work Kanban Change Leadership. He is co-founder of the Flight Levels Academy and he publishes his current thoughts and experiences in the world of Flight Levels and organisational development on his blog www.LEANability.com. You can follow Klaus on Twitter at @klausleopold.

Klaus Leopold

Flight Levels Guide & Instructor


Instructor Bio:

Cliff has made a career out of breaking down the obstacles that stand in the way of great work. He is often challenging the status quo in his quest to develop the right culture and systems for creation of excellent Companies and Products. After a tour of addresses across South Africa, Cliff moved to Stockholm where he led a team of Coaches at Spotify for 4 years. Now having founded Flight Levels Academy focuses on helping companies be effective at Scale.

Cliff Hazell

Flight Levels Guide & Instructor

About the Academy

Who are we

We founded FLA on the back of our success helping leaders at companies create effective agile operations. 

We wanted a way to help more people without having to travel and embrace modern virtual learning environments. 

Now we can offer flexible schedules and time commitments, collaboration with class mates and colleagues and the ability to share and learn with others on the same journey as you.